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For the best business strategy to grow and exit your business

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Business Strategy

Business ownership and management can be pretty lonely but it doesn't have to be. Partnering with a business strategist who can act as sounding board and a guide can be a really beneficial experience.

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Sales Performance

You want more sales and believe your people have the tools to achieve them. However, you don’t have the time to manage and encourage the team to meet and exceed targets. We can definitely help here!

Change Management

The hardest step is often the first when it comes to making organisational or process change within your business. There are many things that can be put in place to get better buy-in from your team.

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Whether it's you or your management team, everyone can always improve their leadership skills and abilities. Work with us to understand key leadership concepts which can be implemented in your business today.

Practical Business Strategy and Change Management to suit your style

JB Strategic is dedicated to help businesses improve processes, rethink strategies, and implement solutions for success.  Whilst we provide a guiding hand throughout all aspects of our services, the underlying approach remains the same – this is your business and you know it better than anyone. However, what we have learned is that it is often the case that business owners and operators are too close to the business and get stuck within day to day operations.   JB Strategic is here to help get you out of your business to work on your business by challenging concepts and industry instinct whilst complementing with strategic frameworks to unlock further opportunities for success!

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leadership brisbane
Sales Performance and Leadership implemented in your business to achieve objectives

From the GM to the cleaner, we believe that everyone can contribute to business success and we can engage on every level. Therefore, we are just as comfortable reporting to executives in the boardroom right through to connecting with tradies on smoko – everyone counts!  However, we do demand excellence when it comes to work ethic and will challenge everyone (including you!) if there is a better way to exceed targets and drive all individuals towards a common goal.

Your business running smoothly and making profit without you...

It can be a reality, so lets start now!

Business Strategy can be diverse and, at times, overwhelming through the many hundreds of concepts and models which can be implemented within small and medium businesses. At JB Strategic, our key criteria for any engagement is to provide business advice and business growth strategies to owners and operators which can be easily understood and implemented.  

We can provide expertise on many areas within your business inclusive of:

  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Level Strategy
  • Operational Strategy
  • Strategic Business Plans
  • Exit Planning

Contact us today to have a discussion in regards to business strategy services to see if we can help to give you a competitive advantage

Need Bigger Sales? Look no further than our sales performance offering!

Over the years we have worked with so many businesses across a range of industries to improve sales performance. Some of our activities and roles we have been engagemd for in the past include:

  • External Sales Manager (Exactly what it sounds – we get to be the big, bad sales manager and whip your internal team into shape)
  • Improving internal Sales Management – Working with your sales manager or senior sales person to develop leadership traits to inspire and manage a sales team to exceed sales kpi’s.
  • Sales Performance Workshops – Breaking down sales techniques and tools to provide renewed enthusiasm for the art of sales.
  • Sales Data Analysis – We have been engaged by many clients to capture and review data from leads through to successful sales.  From this data we have been able to provide key recommendations resulting in greater gross profit for the business.
  • Defining and implementing sales process to access new target markets – we have worked with many business owners to diversify revenue streams with a view to increasing sales for the business.

When you think about it – what is the worst that can happen from a 5 minute chat about sales performance with us? Worst case scenario is that you learn a few new sales techniques for free, so call now 0431 232 431

Change Management when executed correctly can drive your business further than you ever thought possible! However, a poorly executed change management strategy can also have dire consequences for your business.

Let us help with your organizational change management by:

  • Planning to allow the business to maintain key objectives whilst dealing with transition.
  • Implementing change by preparing and supporting individuals, teams, management through the initiation and rollout of significant  organizational change.
  • Identification or redirection and redefinition of resources, business process and operational expenditure.

Managing change in the workplace doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable experience. Let us help by considering us as a dedicated change management consultant working within your internal team with a primary focus on completing a successful change management project.

Leadership in small and medium business is often not given a lot of thought.  Have you ever thought about your own leadership skills? What about the qualities of a good leaderIn many cases you may have started as a sole operator and grown your business to the point where you are now managing and leading people to carrot out the work you carried out not so long ago! 

Let us work with you to define leadership for you as an individual and throughout your business. Understanding the types of leadership and which category you fall into is key to getting the best out of your team and improve your own leadership qualities

Some of the benefits of strong leadership is:

  • The strengthening of employee commitment & morale.
  • Improved knowledge and training across your workforce.
  • Clearly communicated business expectations and aligned vision.
  • Greater employee empowerment and productivity.
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Struggling to get off the tools during the day?

Check out our business performance resources for some quick wins!

What Our Clients Say

Great operator who is helping us redefine our internal process and procedures for the benefit of our national membership base. 

Glen Chatterton

I am proud to partner with Jason and the JB Strategic team to bring sustainable growth outcomes to SME businesses throughout Australia. If you are looking for outside assistance who is diligent, focused and will generate great results then this is the team for you!

Caleb Harry