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Playing your position

Something I have come across when dealing with SME businesses is the fact that their staff/employees aren’t being coached to play their position in the business, particularly around the marketing and sales pipeline. If you have ever watched junior sport you will notice that generally, kids will tend to gravitate towards the ball and group together to chase the ball all over the field.

Now, this is not too dissimilar to business whereby when a problem eventuates, particularly around revenue or profit margins, the executive team or the second line managers will often mobilise their direct reports to chase the ball rather than working together to play their position and be ready to execute a plan of attack. This creates a big issue when everyone is focusing so heavily on the problem that people lose sight of the end game i.e. business growth (or winning the game in this case)

Further to this, when a business problem arises I also see businesses try and turn their team members into generalists and trying to solve the problem whilst learning new skillsets on the fly – this approach can work HOWEVER for the majority of the time it leads to poor outcomes, a costly exercise or exacerbated timeframes (often missing an opportunity!)

So when you encounter an issue, as an owner or manager – stop to consider what the end game looks like before you act!

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