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The best team to improve the leadership qualities throughout your business!

You may be thinking, ‘There are so many leadership and management courses available online, so why would I engage with JB Strategic to improve my leadership skills or find a team leader within my business?’ 

Short answer – understanding and accountability.

With JB Strategic, you can be confident that you are in great hands when it comes to real world leadership skills within small and medium business environments.  We know things don’t translate directly out of a textbook and sometimes leadership concepts can be a little difficult to comprehend and implement amongst day to day activities.

Be a team leader people want to follow!

Our focus on leadership within your business comes down to a number of key areas including aspiration, inspiration and motivation. Leadership is certainly not an off the shelf product, so our engagements will tend to fall into:

  • Ongoing engagement with a business owner, operator, board
  • Identification and Ongoing engagement for your line managers or team leaders
  • Leadership Workshops

Through these engagements we break down key leadership principles such as types of leadership and the qualities of a good leader and utilise real world scenarios within your business to ensure theory becomes practice.

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We can talk for hours about all things leadership…or just 5 mins. Whichever you prefer!

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Case Study - Creating a sustainable business operation through Leadership

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Working within a family business environment, leadership skills often get blurred by the fact that a small group of people live and breathe a business 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. Often in these cases, some employees working  in a family business environment fall back on this fact and can be very reactive in decision making within operational activity.   JB Strategic has been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of growth initiatives with Securelux over an extended period of time whereby leadership skills have needed to be improved at a number of levels.

Working with immediate members of the family, JB Strategic has now made great inroads into accountability by creating a board for the business whilst also implementing a secondary leadership team – none of which are related to the family.  Having a team of leaders who can focus on operational decisions is critical to business sustainability and allows members of the board to improve their own leadership skills as they shift towards focus areas such as company vision, industry leadership and mentorship.