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How we've helped businesses across a number of industries

Case Study - Business Strategy to drive The Growth Agency forward!


Worked with the directors of a Marketing & Sales consulting agency on a number of aspects of business growth.  Focusing on operational strategy, JB Strategic successfully implemented a number of initiatives designed to provide the business with a competitive advantage within a busy market.

  • Heavily involved in the recruitment and setting the performance metrics of a newly formed digital marketing team.
  • Increased communication flow and outcomes for clients within succinct production meetings.
  • Provided strategic business advice in order to open up opportunities within government programs.    
  • Utilised strategic management skills to recruit and manage a newly formed offshore office in South East Asia.

Case Study - Improving Sales Performance with Securelux

An extended engagement whereby JB Strategic has been commissioned to work within the internal sales team. Over the past 24 months:

  • Independently audited the 3 x established sales consultants to baseline sales process & sales expectations
  • Worked with multiple consultants taking them to senior positions (one has migrated to an operations role)
  • Involved in the recruitment and engagement of the sales team (Grown from 3 to 6 x Full time employees + 1 x Part time employee)
  • Worked with the CEO to shift the sales team individual KPI’s from revenue per month target to a gross profit per month target.
  • Opened up commercial & wholesale revenue streams by setting up tools and campaigns for the consultants to engage in the B2B market.

Case Study - Implementing change within the National Fire Industry Association

JB Strategic was engaged by NFIA to improve corporate governance and process throughout their operations team.  Liaising with interstate NFIA representatives we were able to effectively plan and implement project management tools designed to have multiple team members able to action shared tasks simultaneously. 

The engagements consisted of in-house consultation and remote online sessions to scope requirements, identify and implement software, implementation and ongoing training.  Secondary support also included amending corporate policy documentation and CEO approval to reflect usage of the new system for ongoing operational activity to support NFIA members.

Case Study - Creating a sustainable business operation through Leadership

Working within a family business environment, leadership skills often get blurred by the fact that a small group of people live and breathe a business 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. Often in these cases, some employees working  in a family business environment fall back on this fact and can be very reactive in decision making within operational activity.   JB Strategic has been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of growth initiatives with Securelux over an extended period of time whereby leadership skills have needed to be improved at a number of levels.

Working with immediate members of the family, JB Strategic has now made great inroads into accountability by creating a board for the business whilst also implementing a secondary leadership team – none of which are related to the family.  Having a team of leaders who can focus on operational decisions is critical to business sustainability and allows members of the board to improve their own leadership skills as they shift towards focus areas such as company vision, industry leadership and mentorship.